GB Innomech is a privately owned UK company that has over 22 years of experience in providing sophisticated
automation solutions for applications in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, in particular and more widely in
aerospace, automotive and general manufacturing industries.
The primary focus of our business is in supplying automated production and test systems into regulated environments
including GCP for pharmaceutical development and GMP for medical device production, and so we have a welldeveloped

internal quality system as well as detailed understanding of the importance of the documentation
accompanying any system we deliver into such an area.
As well as developing bespoke automation, part of our business is in the manufacture, installation and support of
standard machines on behalf of third party companies. In this area we would expect to own and maintain the design of
the product so that we can be self-sufficient and completely responsible for the machines, whilst any IP remains the
property of the third party.

We pride ourselves on supplying robust, safe, reliable, flexible, easy to use systems, which require the minimum
amount of maintenance that will achieve and often exceed our customers’ aims.
As recognised in our 2009 Queen’s Award for Enterprise, we have a track record of providing reliable, long lasting easy
to use and maintain equipment. We have a dedicated factory service and support team for our customers though out
the world which means the machines we supply will be fully supported by us after delivery.

GB Innomech is a BSI ISO 140001, ISO 9001 and TickIT registered company and quality is central to all our processes.


Tim Mead is INMC’s Commercial Director. Tim has a BEng degree in mechanical engineering from Imperial College,
London, and an MBa from University of Bradford. He has developed robotic systems for drug discovery, developed and installed special purpose automated equipment for medical device manufacture and integrated measurement and inspection technologies such as vision systems and non-contact metrology into automated equipment. Tim’s role at INMC includes working with potential clients to define their projects, marketing and sales activities and providing technical and engineering support to project teams.

Peter Woods is INMC’s Programme Manager. Peter has a first class BSc in Physics from Bristol University and a PhD in
experimental physics from The University of Manchester. More recently he has been awarded a diploma in Strategic
Management from the CMI. He has developed machine vision applications for a wide range of industrial and
commercial applications including automated egg candling for influenza vaccine production, inspection of automotive
subassemblies, verification of variable print on demand text, detection of abnormalities in live cell cultures, and mail


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