On the 17, 18 and 19 November 2015, the FCH JU held its Annual Programme Review Days and Stakeholder Forum in the Charlemagne building, Brussels. On this three-day event, around 350 people gathered to discover the Programme’s latest developments and achievements.

During the first two days, within the Programme Review Days, an exhibition of 100 posters and 44 presentations took place, with the objective of assessing the progress and achievements of the FCH JU and FCH 2 JU programmes, notably in relation to the targets of their multi-annual and annual plans, as well as in relation to international developments in the field.

POWER-UP was selected to be one of the 44 presentations and was presented at the poster sessions. Holger Schiller, the External Projects Coordinator at AFC Energy, presented POWER-UP and its latest achievements, for example the project achieved AFC Energy’s internal Milestone 10 by commencing temporary operation of an entire tier of eight fuel cell cartridges on the KORE system where it produced a maximum output from one tier of just over 40kWe (For more info about Milestone 10 achievement click here).

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